A public health approach to policing

“We have a choice: do we want to be a repressive or supportive service? We recognize all people are equal before the law & must be treated as such & those most affected must lead solutions.” - Asst Commissioner of Amsterdam @Politie addressing police from around world #AIDS2018 On the last day of the 2018 International AIDS Conference held in Amsterdam, I was lucky to join 25 police and civil society leaders from several countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia on a visit and meeting with the Amsterdam police branch of the Dutch National Police. The meeting was held at the Amsterdam police headquarters. The focus was on what it means to embrace a public health approach to policing. Is this possible? What does it mean for police and society?

A Death in Police Custody, an Outpouring of Anger in the Netherlands [Photos]

Violent clashes between police and demonstrators raged for four nights last week in The Hague in the Netherlands—protests sparked by the death in police custody of a 42-year-old man from the Dutch Caribbean territory of Aruba, Mitch Henriquez. On the streets of the Schilderswijk, one of the Netherland’s poorest inner-city neighborhoods, riot police backed by …