Moving toward a closed society, not a safer society: our unspoken response to mass shootings in America

The claim that “nothing happens” after mass shootings in America is false.

What happens, time and time again, is more securitization, militarization, and surveillance of the sites where the shootings took place: clubs, universities, elementary schools, and now hotels.

Meanwhile, we fail to address the one common feature among all these incidents: access to and use of high-powered firearms that are designed and intended not to hunt, but to kill as many people as quickly as possible by a single person.

We reactively play, and allow, a whack-a-mole approach to the sites of carnage. Added up, this serves to further close our society, further us toward a security state, further erode our rights, and further distrust among each other. This has become so normalized and hegemonic that we fail to see it though it sits in plain sight. In the end, we close ourselves off. We consume ourselves. And the mass shootings continue.


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