Police & Harm Reduction: How law enforcement can advance public safety, public health, and public confidence

Happy to share a new guidance document I wrote for law enforcement personnel around the world about steps they can make to advance public safety, public health, and public confidence in the arena of drug enforcement.

4+ decades of the war on drugs has failed to eradicate drug use or production, keep our communities safe, or keep people healthy and alive. There are other options for law enforcement to keep people and communities they serve healthy and safe.

The English language version of the document can be found here. Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish language versions will be available soon.

From the document:

Globally, law enforcement officers have grown increasingly frustrated with the limited effectiveness of traditional drug enforcement approaches that find them arresting or imprisoning individuals without significant impact on illicit drug trade or use. This is a briefing for law enforcement personnel around the world on how to incorporate, support, and create space for approaches that aim to increase public safety and health, reduce harm to people who use drugs, and provide law enforcement alternatives to common punitive models.

This document highlights important recommendations and examples and is based on the experiences of law enforcement officers who have benefited from this “harm reduction” approach. It is important to note that there is no “one size fits all” solution. This is not intended to be a comprehensive handbook. Instead, this briefing is intended to be a quick resource for law enforcement on key options that may be useful to maximize positive impact for communities addressing problems of drug use.

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